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The objective of Europlanet RI is to bring together Europe's leading planetary researchers and laboratories to develop a coherent, focused, collaborative planetary science research programme.

This 6 ME project brings together 27 institutes to create a pan-European coordinated research infrastructure in planetary sciences, with the ambition of enabling Europe to emerge as a key player in this domain and develop a general spirit of cooperation and collaboration throughout the European planetary science community.

The project is organized around three types of activities:

- TransNational Access Activities (TNA) offering to the European planetary science community, for the first time, access to a wide range of facilities related to field site analogues (TNA1), laboratory apparatus (TNA2) and analytical facilities (TNA3). Along the same lines, the IDIS Service provides on-line access to planetary science data and software tools and will form a part of what will become a Virtual Observatory for planetary sciences.

- Joint Research Activities (JRA) providing the opportunity to develop the infrastructure still further, supporting the development of new field sites as analogues for planetary surfaces and state of the art laboratory facilities. The delivery of the Virtual Planetary Observatory, at the end of the programme, will provide Europe with a truly unique facility.

- Networking Activities (NA) that foster cooperation in the field of planetary science and publicize the opportunities and results arising from the project. NAs includes the organization of an annual meeting (EPSC), now attended by the vast majority of Europe's planetary scientists. A large effort is also dedicated to outreach activities with the formation of a pan European media centre.

Rio Tinto
Rio Tinto, Spain
Planetary Field Analogue

Dust Simulation Chamber
Kamtchatka, Russia
Planetary Field Analogue

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