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Short NameBrief descriptionType
Location (lab/institute)
AARI - Department of GeophysicsIncludes laboratory of magnetospheric phenomena, laboratory of ionospheric phenomena and laboratory of radio-wave propagation. DATA/ObservationalAARI
ACE – Advanced Composition ExplorerReal Time Solar Wind data. DATA/Observational
AIAATechnical database for engineering and science in aviation, space, and defense SUPPORT INFORMATION on Space Mission
AladinVO visualization & data mining tool TOOLS for data Analysis or Access
AMBDASAtomic and Molecular Bibliographic Data System DATA/Modeling & SimulationIPSLSarkissian
AMDAAutomated Multi-Dataset analysis tool TOOLS for data Analysis or AccessIRAPJacquey
APIS (Auroral Planetary Imaging and Spectroscopy)Far-UV imaging and spectroscopic observations of the outer planets by HST DATA/ObservationalLESIA
AstDySAsteroids Dynamic Site DATA/Ephemeris & Attitude
ASTER Spectral LibraryASTER Spectral Library DATA/Laboratory
Asteroids with SatellitesInformation on binary asteroids DATA/Ephemeris & Attitude
ASU thermal emission spectral libraryThermal IR spectral library, originally related to experiments on Mars missions DATA/Laboratory
BasecomComet observations from Nançay observatory. DATA/ObservationalLESIACrovisier
BasemoleMolecular data related to comets DATA/Modeling & SimulationLESIACrovisier
BASS2000 web-catalogueSolar data base of ground based observations DATA/ObservationalOBSPARIS
BDAPData centre regrouping space and ground-based measurements, models output and laboratory measurements. DATA/RepositoryIPSLSarkissian
BDIP (Base de Données d'Images Planétaires)Historical archive of telescopic planetary images at Paris Observatory, 1870-1977 DATA/ObservationalLESIAErard
CACTUSA software package for 'Computer Aided CME Tracking TOOLS for data Analysis or AccessSIDC
CADCCanadian Astronomy Data Center DATA/Repository
California & Carnegie Planet SearchInteractive Catalogue of Exoplanets including related publications made by the University of California. DATA/Observational
Capability of developing planetary atmosphere modelling in N2-CH4 and N2-CO2 mixPlasma radiation database accessible online ( DATA/Modeling & SimulationI. S. TécnLoureiro
Cassini MAPS Key ParametersThis site provides access to Key Parameter data collected at Saturn by the MAPS instruments on NASA's Cassini spacecraft. DATA/ObservationalIRAPPallier
Cassini mapskpCassini MAPS (Magnetosphere And Plasma Science) Key Parameters database TOOLS for data Analysis or AccessIRAPPallier
CASSINI Spacecraft Attitude caculation tool.Interactive caculation tool DATA/Ephemeris & Attitude
Cassini, Galileo, and Voyager ephemeris calculation tool.Interactive ephemeris caculation tool DATA/Ephemeris & Attitude
CCLDASLunar Dust simulator at the NASA Center for Lunar dust and atmospheric studies NLSI/CCLDAS CONTACT/Facility
CDAWEB (Coordinated Data Analysis Web)Public Database System (Mission Data) with interactive tools DATA/ObservationalGSFC
CDPPData from the CDPP (Centre de Données de la Physique des Plasmas) DATA/RepositoryIRAPJacquey
CDSAstronomical data and VO tools (databases, software, services) DATA/Ephemeris & Attitude
CISAS Hypervelocity facilityHypervelocity impact experiments (minor bodies collisional evolution, surface cratering) CONTACT/FacilityUPD-CISASFerri
Cluster Active Archive (CAA)The CAA is a depository of processed and validated high-resolution Cluster data, raw data, processing software, calibration data DATA/ObservationalESA
Comet Emission Lines Search toolSelecting the region of the spectrum and, eventually, the species, this tool returns all spectral lines within the region DATA/ObservationalINAF
Comet Nuclei ModelDifferent models of Comet Nuclei realized with a code by Maria Cristina de Sanctis, Maria Teresa Capria and Angioletta Coradini DATA/Modeling & SimulationINAF
Coordinated Solar Observations homepageCurrent Solar Data and Worldwide Observing Plans DATA/Observational
COROT Data CenterCoRoT is a space mission devoted to asteroseismology and detection of planetary transits DATA/ObservationalIAS
Cosmic dust catalog #15A catalog of 467 dust grains: informations, pictures and spectra DATA/LaboratoryGSFC
Cosmic dust catalog #18A catalog of 956 dust grains: informations, pictures and spectra DATA/LaboratoryGSFC
Cosmic dust catalog serviceCosmic dust particles collected from Earth's stratosphere. TOOLS for data Analysis or AccessIFSIDe Sanctis
CPCComputer Physics Communications Program Library TOOLS for data Analysis or Access
CRISM Data ProductsMap-based search and download of MRO/CRISM data DATA/Observational
CRISM Spectral LibraryCRISM Spectral Library DATA/Laboratory
CVOCanadian Virtual Observatory TOOLS for data Analysis or Access
Data Archives and Transmission System (DARTS)DARTS is Jaxa space science data archive DATA/Observational
Data of in-situ dust measurementsData of in-situ dust measurements by the Ulysses, Galileo and Cassini missions DATA/ObservationalMPKSrama
Database of Optical Constants for Cosmic DustTabulated data about Oxides, Sulfide, Silicates, Carbon and Low Temperature Data DATA/Laboratory
DEMETER data serverDEMETER (Detection of Electro-Magnetic Emissions Transmitted from Earthquake Regions) DATA/ObservationalCNRS
Dust AcceleratorTNA2: Dust Accelerator Facility CONTACT/FacilityMPKSrama
Dust Analogue SimulatorTNA2: Dust Analogue Simulation Facility: production, characterization, processing of dust analogues CONTACT/FacilityOACNaColangeli
EISCATEISCAT European Incoherent Scatter Radar DATA/Observational
Ephemerides of the five main Uranian satelliteEphemerides of the five main Uranian satellite DATA/Ephemeris & AttitudeROB
ESA Science and Technology website for Space CommunityWeb page for public outreach and wide science community SUPPORT INFORMATION on Space MissionESALebreton
ESA science web site for public and the pressESA science web site for public and the press SUPPORT INFORMATION on Space MissionESALebreton
ESO/ST-ECF Science Archive FacilityESO + Space Telescope science archive DATA/ObservationalESO
Euro3DVO visualization TOOLS for data Analysis or AccessOBSPARIS
European Mars Climate DatabaseA Database computed from Mars GCM, provided with access softwares and documentation DATA/Modeling & SimulationLMDLebonnois
EXOTIM3D GCM of exoplanet Gas Giant thermosphere/ionosphere CONTACT/FacilityUCLAylward
Extrasolar Planets EncyclopaediaEuropean interactive Catalogue of Exoplanets, including publications, meetings, and web resources. DATA/ObservationalOBSPARISSchneider
FAST (Fast Auroral SnapshoT Explorer) mission descriptionFAST, the second mission in NASA's Small Explorer Satellite Program (SMEX), is a satellite designed to study Earth's aurora. DATA/ObservationalUCB
Flare Modeling SoftwareFlare Modeling Software TOOLS for data Analysis or AccessGSFC
FONDUEFully ON-Line Datacenter for Ultraviolet Emission CONTACT/TeamISSI
Galileo Data - Energetic Particles Detector (EPD)EPD measures the detailed energy and angual distribution of ions, electrons and ion composition DATA/ObservationalJHU/APL
Galileo in-situ dust measurementsComplete set of in-situ Galileo dust measurements from interplanetary space and jovian system SUPPORT INFORMATION on Space MissionMPSKrueger
Galileo/Cassini/Ulysses Dust ScienceSelected Publications on Galileo/Cassini/Ulysses Dust Science and Related Papers SUPPORT INFORMATION on Space MissionMPSSrama
GAPHYORGAPHYOR is a databse on the properties of atoms, molecules, gases and plasmas (including chem. reactions). DATA/Laboratory
Gazetteer of Planetary NomenclatureNomenclature of topographic and albedo features on planets and satellites SUPPORT INFORMATION on Space Mission
General Circulation Model for the atmosphere of TitanThis is a 2D model (48 latitudes x 55 levels, from surface to roughly 500 km altitude), where non-axisymmetric waves are parameterized. DATA/Modeling & SimulationLMDLebonnois
General Circulation Model for the atmosphere of VenusThe model is 3D: 64x48 horizontal grid, 50 levels from surface to roughly 95 km altitude. DATA/Modeling & SimulationLMDLebonnois
General Circulation Model for the atmospheres of MarsThe model is usable by an external team (user manual, web-site where sources and initial states files are available, etc...). DATA/Modeling & SimulationLMDLebonnois
Geomagnetic Data ServersEarth magnetism and magnetism of the Sun-Earth environment, including magnetic declination, geomagnetic models, and surface, ocean, airborne DATA/Modeling & Simulation
GEOPACK2005Magnetosphere modeling library TOOLS for data Analysis or AccessGSFC
GIMA - Geophysical Institute Magnetometer ArrayThe Geophysical Institute of the University of Alaska operates magnetometer sites at locations across Alaska and Western Canada DATA/ObservationalGI - UAF
H3PCoolThis program is designed to calculate the cooling by H3+ in an atmosphere consisting primarily of molecular hydrogen, H2. DATA/Modeling & SimulationUCLMiller
HELIOHeliophysics Integrated Observatory TOOLS for data Analysis or Access
Heliocentric Trajectories for Selected Spacecraft, Planets, and CometsHeliocentric Trajectories for Selected Spacecraft, Planets, and Comets TOOLS for data Analysis or AccessGSFC
HORIZONSSolar system ephemerides DATA/Ephemeris & Attitude
HRSCHRSC despription and data access information SUPPORT INFORMATION on Space MissionDLRJaumann
HRSCviewHRSC data explorer DATA/Observational
Hypervelocity impact facilityCISAS Hypervelocity Impact Facility is based upon a two-stage Light-Gas Gun (LGG), that can achieve a very high shot-repetition-rate CONTACT/FacilityUPD-CISAS
IAG Planetary Geomorphology Working GroupOfficial webpage of the Planetary Geomorphology Working Group CONTACT/TeamLPI
IAS Data Center - Solar archiveIAS-MEDOC solar data archive, allowing searches on the data from SOHO, TRACE and CORONAS/SPIRIT DATA/ObservationalCNES
Ibn Battuta CentreTNA1: Field analogue for desert environment in Morocco CONTACT/FacilityIRSPSOri
ICESA comprehensive set of models of the cometary coma and nucleus DATA/Modeling & SimulationUniv MichiDe Sanctis
IMAGE (International Monitor for Auroral Geomagnetic Effects)IMAGE consists of 30 magnetometer stations maintained by 10 institutes from Estonia, Finland, Germany, Norway, Poland, Russia and Sweden. DATA/ObservationalFMI
Image search PDSSimplified image search utility from PDS archives DATA/Observational
IMCCE Virtual Observatory Solar System portalVO Web portal providing a suite of tools for planetary science DATA/Ephemeris & AttitudeIMCCEBerthier
Infrared Spectral and Radiometric CalibrationRemote sensing space instruments measuring (e.g.) energy budgets need reliable calibration CONTACT/FacilityUOXF.DCTaylor
Infrared spectroscopic instrument calibrationInfrared spectroscopic measurements on methane and ammonia under Jovian conditions CONTACT/FacilityUOXF.DCTaylor
Interactive service for asteroid modelsService for asteroid models visualisation DATA/Modeling & Simulation
Interball Data ArchiveInterball Mission Data including raw data, orbit and attitude data files and key physical parameters DATA/Observational
INTERMAGNETInternational Real-time Magnetic Observatory Network DATA/Repository
International Space Environment Service (ISES)provides near-real-time international monitoring and prediction of the space environment. DATA/Observational
Ion Probe CamecaTNA3: Camera 1270 Ionmicroprobe CONTACT/FacilityCRPGMarty
Isotopes in Organic MatterTNA3: Stable isotopes in organic matter Facility CONTACT/FacilityCRPGMarty
JIM3D GCM of Jovian thermosphere-ionosphere DATA/Modeling & SimulationUCLAylward
JMarsGIS related to mission planning and analysis TOOLS for data Analysis or Access
JPL Small-Body Database BrowserAsteroids and Comets database of orbital elements and properties DATA/Ephemeris & AttitudeJPL
JRA3 ICPM&DATInteractive Catalogue for Planetary Models & Data Analysis Tools DATA/Modeling & SimulationIWF-OEAWKhodachenko
KHASSM - Kharkov multi-wave station of solar monitoringRealtime Solar Activity and Space Weather DATA/Observational
KIDAKinetic Database for Astrochemistry DATA/Modeling & SimulationSchmitt
Kiruna magnetogramView of geomagnetic development in real time DATA/ObservationalIRF
L-G-O-VLuna-Glob Orbit Visualization DATA/Modeling & SimulationIKI-RAS
Laboratory instruments for dust studiesLaboratory instruments and models of the dynamics and evolution of planetary system dust CONTACT/FacilityWWU
LCA softwareLaboratory for Computational Astrophysics software TOOLS for data Analysis or Access
Lunar samplesLunar samples description DATA/Laboratory
M4astAsteroid database and spectral analysis DATA/ObservationalIMCCEBirlan
Mars ExplorationA web tool that uses Google Mars map to let user searching observations from MARSIS and VIRTIS-Rosetta TOOLS for data Analysis or AccessINAFCarraro
Mars Express at DLRMars Express Mission page SUPPORT INFORMATION on Space MissionDLRJaumann
Mars Express Mission description by ESAMars Express, so called because of the rapid and streamlined development time - ESAs first visit to another planet in the Solar System SUPPORT INFORMATION on Space MissionESA
Mars Wind TunnelOxford University’s Mars Wind Tunnel is a facility in which Martian winds, pressures, and temperatures can be simulated CONTACT/FacilityUOXF.DCTaylor
Mars Wind Tunnel SimulatorTNA2: Mars Wind Tunnel Simulation Facility CONTACT/FacilityAU-MSLMerrison
Martian Atmosphere Simulation FacilityTNA2: Planetary Atmosphere Simulation chanmber: Martian Atmosphere, Vrije University CONTACT/FacilityVUADavies
Martian Atmosphere Simulation Facility, Open UniversityTNA2: OU Mars simulation chamber for pressure, temperatures and gas composition CONTACT/FacilityOU
MarTim3D GCM of Martian thermosphere-ionosphere DATA/Modeling & SimulationUCLAylward
Mass Spectrometry for Cosmic SamplesTNA3: Mass Spectrometry for Cosmic Samples CONTACT/FacilityOU
Mercury observations with THEMISElemental measurements in the exosphere of Mercury DATA/ObservationalOMP
MESSENGERMercurie'sTopography from Messenger SUPPORT INFORMATION on Space MissionDLR
Meteoritical Bulletin DatabaseMeteorites description and references DATA/Laboratory
MindatData base on minerals DATA/Laboratory
Mineralogy DatabaseData base on minerals DATA/Laboratory
Minor Planet CenterIAU Minor Planet Center DATA/Ephemeris & Attitude
MIRACLEMagnetometers - Ionospheric Radars- Allsky Cameras Large Experiment DATA/ObservationalFMI
Miriade - Solar System Ephemeris GeneratorVO-compliant ephemeris generator of Solar System bodies from IMCCE - Paris Observatory DATA/Ephemeris & AttitudeIMCCEBerthier
MOLA PEDRs translation serviceHelp to select and extract MOLA measurements from PEDR catalogues TOOLS for data Analysis or AccessIDESMarmo
MSL Mars Science LaboratoryOfficial web pagen of the MSL mission SUPPORT INFORMATION on Space MissionJPL
MTOF Proton MonitorThis homepage dynamicaly prints the latest 48 hours of solar wind data, collected by the MTOF Proton Monitor at the SOHO Spacecraft. DATA/Observational
NA1 MATRIX of ground-based facilitiesDetails list of ground facilities with their capabilities and access details CONTACT/FacilityIWF-OEAWRucker
NanoSIMSTNA3: CAMECA NanoSIMS 50L microbrobe for ultrafine feature analysis CONTACT/FacilityOU
National Radio Astronomy Observatory (NRAO)Site map of the homepage including data archives, libraries, software, technical informations and educational material. DATA/Observational
National Space Science Data Center (NSSDC)Data Center hosted by Nasa provides a big collection of resources including several virtual observatories, image archives, astrophysics data DATA/RepositoryGSFC
NEODySNear Earth Objects Dynamic Site DATA/Ephemeris & Attitude
Noble Gases FacilityTNA3: Noble Gases Facility CONTACT/FacilityCRPGMarty
Non traditional Isotope FacilityTNA3: Non traditional stable and radiogenic isotope Facility CONTACT/FacilityCRPGMarty
NSSDC master catalogSpacecraft and space experiments catalogs SUPPORT INFORMATION on Space MissionGSFC
Ny-Ålesund, Svalbard archipelagoTNA1: Field analogue for ground ice and permafrost mapping CONTACT/FacilityINTA-CABGómez Gómez
Omniweb Data centerLarge Solar Wind data archive from 15 geocentric spacecraft and 3 spacecraft DATA/ObservationalGSFC
OSU Chemical Database at Idis Atmosphere NodeChemical Database SUPPORT INFORMATION on Space MissionIPSLSarkissian
Owens Valley Solar Array (OVSA)Homepage including instruments descriptions and according data archives, software and publications. DATA/Observational
PATLabTNA2: Planetary Analogue Terrain Laboratory Aberystwyth CONTACT/FacilityUW-MAPSGrande
PDS (Planetary Data System)The PDS is an archive of data products from NASA planetary missions. DATA/RepositoryGSFC
PDS Geosciences Node Lunar Orbital Data Explorer (ODE)Tool to search, display, and download tools and data for the PDS science data archives. DATA/Observational
PDS Geosciences Node Mars Orbital Data Explorer (ODE)Tool to search, display, and download tools and data for the PDS science data archives. DATA/Observational
PDS Geosciences Node Mercury Orbital Data Explorer (ODE)Tool to search, display, and download tools and data for the PDS science data archives. DATA/Observational
PDS Geosciences Spectral LibraryPDS Geosciences Spectral Library DATA/Laboratory
PDS Planetary Plasma Interactions Node (PPI)PPI archives and ditributes digital data related to the study of the interaction between the solar wind with planetary magnetospheres,.. DATA/ObservationalJPL
PELTNA2: Planetary Emissivity Laboratory at DLR Berlin CONTACT/FacilityDLR
PHOBOSIntroduction to Phobos and data access DATA/ObservationalDLRJaumann
PICSimPICSim planetary magnetosphere model DATA/Modeling & SimulationUCL
PilotPlanetary Image Locator Tool DATA/Observational
Planetary data from space missions.Planetary data from space missions. DATA/ObservationalUOXF.DCTaylor
Planetary high density atmospheres chamberTNA2: Simulation chamber for planetary highdensity atmospheres and surfaces CONTACT/FacilityINTA-CABGómez Gómez
Planetary low density atmospheres chamberTNA2: Simulation chamber for planetary low density atmospheres and surfaces CONTACT/FacilityINTA-CABGómez Gómez
Planetary PhotojournalDatabase of images of all planets and moons in the solar system DATA/ObservationalJPL
Planetary Sample AnalysisAnalytical facilities : ion probes, mass spectrometers, experimental petrology CONTACT/FacilityCRPGMarty
PMMParaboloid Model of the magnetosphere DATA/Modeling & SimulationSINP
Polar MFE Data ServerHigh Resolution Plots hosted by UCLA IGPP DATA/ObservationalIGPP
POLAR mission description by NASAPOLAR investigates the earths magnetosphere above its poles DATA/ObservationalGSFC
PSA (ESA)ESA Planetary Science Archive (PSA) that includes the data coming from any ESA planetary missions DATA/RepositoryESA
Regional Planetary Image Facility (RPIF)Libraby of data and maps of all space missions DATA/ObservationalDLR
RELAB spectral databaseSpectral data base of the Keck / Nasa Reflectance Experiment Laboratory DATA/Laboratory
Rio Tinto field siteTNA1: Acidic ecosystem, test site for extreme environmental conditions CONTACT/FacilityINTA-CABGómez Gómez
SAMNET - The UK Sub-Auroral Magnetometer NetworkSAMNET is operated by the Space Plasma Environment and Radio Science (SPEARS) Group in the Department of Communication Systems at the Lancas DATA/Observational
SAOimage DS9Astronomical Data Visualization Application TOOLS for data Analysis or Access
SB What is ObservableList of observable small bodies from a chosen location DATA/Ephemeris & AttitudeGSFC
SID Data AccessActual space weather monitor located at the Stanford Solar Center. DATA/Observational
SIDC (Solar Influences Data Analysis Centre)Latest Space Weather Data DATA/ObservationalROB
Sitools2Self-manageable data access layer deployed on already existing scientific databases TOOLS for data Analysis or AccessCNES
SkyBoT - Sky Body TrackerSeek and identify solar system objects in any field of view of the celestial sphere TOOLS for data Analysis or AccessIMCCEBerthier
SKYVIEWSKYVIEW virtual telescope TOOLS for data Analysis or AccessGSFC
Small Bodies Data FerretSearchable access to the PDS Small Bodies Node TOOLS for data Analysis or Access
SOHO (Solar and Heliospheric Observatory) - DATAInternational Cooperation between NASA and ESA to study the Sun from its deep core to the outer corona and the solar wind. DATA/ObservationalGSFC
SOHO LASCO - CME CatalogLarge Angle and Spectrometric Coronagraph Experiment, Catalog of all CMEs measured, maintained by the CDAW Data Center TOOLS for data Analysis or AccessGSFC
SOHO Space WeatherLatest data from the SOHO spacecraft located directly at the official nasa project website. DATA/Observational
Solar Data Analysis CenterMost recent, full-resolution solar images in all four wavelenghts DATA/ObservationalGSFC
Solar Data ArchivesSolar Data Archives link list collected by the Solar Physics Division which is part of the University of Montana. DATA/Observational
Solar Influences Data Analysis Centre (SIDC)Research group for solar physics at the Royal Observatory of Belgium. TOOLS for data Analysis or Access
Solar Mass Ejection Imager (SMEI) latest imagesSMEI on Coriolis satellite is designed to detect,track and forecast the arrival of CMEs at Earth DATA/Observational
Solar System SimulatorGraphic ephemeris system DATA/Ephemeris & Attitude
SOLARSOFTSoftware for Solar Physics TOOLS for data Analysis or Access
SOLRA (SOLar Radio Archive)Near Real-Time Radio Data, Coronal Radio Surveillance DATA/ObservationalINAF
Soonspot SearcherSOONSPOT stands for SOON Solar Patrol on Tape DATA/Observational
Space Environment Centre (SEC)general website hosted by NOAA - National Weather Service. DATA/Modeling & Simulation
Space Physics Interactive Data Resource (SPIDR)SPIDR allows users to access and manage historical space physics data for integration with environment models and space weather forecasts. DATA/Observational
Space Weather Modelling Framework (CSEM)provides a high-performance flexible framework for physics-based space weather simulations, as well as for various space physics applicatio TOOLS for data Analysis or Access
Space Weather Nowprovides actual Space Weather Information (Solar Wind, Auroraes) around earth and refreshes its data every minute. This service is hosted by DATA/Modeling & Simulation
SPDF (Space Physics Data Facilitiy)The SPDF is a project of the Heliospheric Physics Laboratory TOOLS for data Analysis or AccessGSFC
Spectral Matrix AnalyzerSpectral Matrix Analyzer TOOLS for data Analysis or AccessIAP-CzechSantolik
SPENVIS - Space Environment Information SystemSPENVIS is a web-interface to models of the space environment and its effects TOOLS for data Analysis or AccessESA
SPICE/NAIFThe NASA Planetary Science Division's Ancillary Information System SUPPORT INFORMATION on Space MissionJPL
SPINESpacecraft Plasma Interactions Network in Europe (SPINE) TOOLS for data Analysis or AccessESA
SPISSPIS, the Spacecraft Plasma Interaction System TOOLS for data Analysis or AccessESA
SPLAT-VOVO Spectral Analysis Tool TOOLS for data Analysis or Access
Splib06USGS Spectral Library DATA/Laboratory
SRBL (Solar Radio Burst Locator)IIAn automated, ground-based instrument developed at Caltech and currently operated by the NJIT Center for Solar-Terrestrial Research. DATA/Observational
SSCWEBSatellite Situation Center Web DATA/Ephemeris & AttitudeGSFC
Stanford SOLAR CenterSolar Spacecraft and Telescopes link list SUPPORT INFORMATION on Space MissionSRI
STEREO - SWAVES instrumentationHomepage dedicated to the SWAVES instrumentation, designed to measure Radio Bursts from Sun. SUPPORT INFORMATION on Space MissionGSFC
STEREO Mission homepage by NASASTEREO consists of two space-based observatories - one ahead of Earth in its orbit, the other trailing behind. SUPPORT INFORMATION on Space MissionGSFC
SuperDARNSuper Dual Auroral Radar Network DATA/ObservationalJHU/APL
SVSScientific Visualization Studio DATA/ObservationalGSFC
SWAN-cometDetection and monitoring of water production of active comets DATA/ObservationalGSFC
SWBSolar Weather Browser TOOLS for data Analysis or AccessSIDC
SWENET ServiceDST and AE forecast models DATA/Modeling & SimulationIFSI
The Circum-Pan Pacific Magnetometer Network (CPMN)The CPMN is in the transition to new realtime magnetometer network, called DATA/ObservationalSERC
The Kamchatka PeninsulaTNA1: Planetary Field Analogue for active volcanoes CONTACT/FacilityIKI-RAS
THEMISTime History of Events and Macroscale Interaction During Substorms DATA/ObservationalTUBGlaßmeier
Titan Atmosphere DatabaseDatabase computed from Titan GCM, provided with documentation, fortran routines, and a Graphical User Interface. DATA/Modeling & SimulationIPSLLebonnois
Titan Atmosphere Simulation chamberTNA2: OU Titan atmosphere simulation facility for physical and chemical conditions CONTACT/FacilityOUMason
Titan vertical profilesTitan vertical profiles (abundances, temperature) from CIRS/Cassini DATA/ObservationalLESIA
TNG data ArchiveTNG Archive DATA/ObservationalINAF
TOPCATVO interactive graphical viewer and editor for tabular data TOOLS for data Analysis or Access
TRACE flare catalogDetailed catalog of X and M flares from 1998 to 2007, and C flares between 1998 and 2002. TOOLS for data Analysis or AccessCFA
TRACE image catalogImage catalog of the TRACE mission including different wavelengths for given timeframes DATA/ObservationalUCB
TRACE image catalog by RALImage catalog of the TRACE mission including different wavelengths for given timeframes hosted by UKSSDC Solar Archive DATA/ObservationalUCL
TRACE mission overview by NASANASA mission to image the solar corona and transition region at high angular and temporal resolution. SUPPORT INFORMATION on Space MissionGSFC
TRACE movie archiveBig movie archive from TRACE mission including DVD-Images, clips from active regions, quiet regions, filaments and big flares DATA/ObservationalUCB
Tunisian Chott El JeridTNA1: Field analogue for extremely harsh temperature, dust and chemical environment CONTACT/FacilityINTA-CABGómez Gómez
U.S.G.S. Planetary GIS Web Server - PIGWADPlanetary Interactive G.I.S. Database DATA/Laboratory
UCL Magnetodisc ModelUCL Magnetodisc Model for Giant Planets DATA/Modeling & SimulationUCLAchilleos
Ulysses / URAP Data AccessDatacenter for ULYSSES mission Unified Radio And Plasma (URAP) Experiment, Dynamic Spectra DATA/ObservationalGSFC
Ulysses Data at NSSDC Master CatalogSummary of all Project/Datacenter homepages related to the ULYSSES mission SUPPORT INFORMATION on Space MissionGSFC
Ulysses Data SystemESA archive for Ulysses Data - on-line facility for browsing and downloading selected measurements from all instruments DATA/ObservationalESA
Ulysses in-situ dust measurementsUlysses dust measurements from interplanetary space SUPPORT INFORMATION on Space MissionMPSKrueger
VAA (Venus Ground-Based Image Active Archive)Online archive of full-disk amateur observations of Venus in infrared, visible and ultraviolet light. DATA/ObservationalESAKoschny
VAMDCVirtual Atomic and Molecular Data Centre TOOLS for data Analysis or AccessOBSPARIS
VdS-Fachgruppe KometenAmateur comet observations database DATA/ObservationalMPSKrueger
VEX (Venus Express) magnetometer dataVEX-MAG is a space qualified magnetometer with two fluxgate sensors to measure the magnetic field magnitude and its direction. DATA/ObservationalIWF-OEAW
Virtis/Rosetta data archiveSpaceborne Virtis / Rosetta observations DATA/ObservationalLESIADrossart
Virtis/Venus-Express data archiveSpaceborne Virtis / Venus-Express observations DATA/ObservationalLESIADrossart
VMOVirtual Magnetospheric Observatory DATA/RepositoryGSFC
VMO (Virtual Meteor Observatory)Meteor science data products (meteoroid orbits, meteor light curves, meteor spectra, particle fluxes, mass distributions, ...) DATA/ObservationalESAKoschny
VMO-IMOIMO node of the Virtual Meteor Observatory DATA/ObservationalISSI
VO-Paris Data Centre EPN-TAP clientEPN-TAP client TOOLS for data Analysis or AccessOBSPARISErard
VO-Paris Data Centre web portalVO-Paris Data Centre web portal TOOLS for data Analysis or AccessOBSPARISErard
VOISEVOronoi Image SEgmentation (VOISE) TOOLS for data Analysis or AccessUCL
VOplotVO visualization tool TOOLS for data Analysis or Access
VOspecJava VO interactive viewer for 1D spectral data TOOLS for data Analysis or AccessESA
VSO (Virtual Solar Observatory)Solar Physics Data Products DATA/ObservationalSRI
VSPOVirtual Space Physics Observatory DATA/RepositoryGSFC
VUATNA3: VUA Isotope Geochemistry Facility - Isotope Geochemistry and support Facilities CONTACT/FacilityVUADavies
WIND - SWE dataFTP server with data from WINDs - Solar Wind Experiment DATA/ObservationalGSFC
WIND - WAVES instrumentationHomepage dedicated to the WAVES (The Radio and Plasma Wave Investigation) Instrumentation of WIND DATA/ObservationalGSFC
WIND NRT dataNear Real-Time (NRT) data for the WIND mission automatically processed and provided. (link to plots) DATA/ObservationalGSFC
Winnipeg Planetary Spectroscopy FacilityWinnipeg Planetary Spectroscopy Facility DATA/Laboratory
World Data Center for Geomagnetism, CopenhagenThe WDC has collected a comprehensive set of analog and digital geomagnetic data as well as indices of geomagnetic activity supplied from a DATA/RepositoryDMI
World Data Center for Geomagnetism, KyotoThe WDC has collected a comprehensive set of analog and digital geomagnetic data as well as indices of geomagnetic activity supplied from a DATA/RepositorySWDC
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