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JRA3 European Modelling and Data Analysis Facilities (EMDAF)

The aim of JRA3 is to enhance existing, but localised, European planetary models and data analysis facilities to produce a flexible distributed research, which will eventually be linked to the broad scientific community through the Support Activity SA IDIS. It will provide demonstrators and operational tests of interconnected modelling and multi-disciplinary data analysis services in key areas of European planetary science.

Further information on JRA3 is available here.

JRA3 coordination team

  • Dr. Maxim KHODACHENKO (JRA3 Coordinator)
    Austrian Academy of Sciences / Space Research Institute (Participant 05 IWF-OeAW)
  • Dr. Steve MILLER (JRA3 Deputy Coordinator)
    Atmospheric Physics Laboratory / University College London (Participant 11 UCL)
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